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What other states & cities are doing

Buffalo looks to change local laws get the lead out

Lead Safe Resource Center And Home Fund To Launch in Cleveland

Wilmington to allocate up to $230,320 toward stripping lead-based paint from low-income homes

Op-Ed: Lessons from Newark’s aggressive replacement of lead service lines

City Approves Emergency Funding for Abatement Program Aimed to Protect Residents from Lead-related Health Risks 


Michigan Specific

Why lead poisoning prevention is key to Michigan's future

Toxic structures: Speculation and lead exposure in Detroit’s single-family rental market

Spatial-temporal association of soil Pb and children’s blood Pb in the Detroit Tri-County Area of Michigan (USA)

Demolition Activity and Elevated Blood Lead Levels among Children in Detroit, Michigan, 2014-2018

MIOSHA Fact Sheet Construction Safety & Health Divison Lead Exposure in Construction

Blackman Charter Township exceeds action level for lead in water supply 

Michigan cities must begin replacing lead pipes. But who has the cash?

Lead filters for schools among health, water items in Whitmer budget

How to track public health trends in Michigan


Elevated Blood Lead Level Maps





Kent County


Lead Ammunition and Lead Tackle

This hunting season, check for lead ammo

Health and Environmental Risks from Lead-based Ammunition: Science Versus Socio-Politics

Sources of Mortality in Bald Eagles in Michigan, 1968-2017 

Bird deaths fuel push for Minnesota lead tackle ban

Eagle Poisoned to Death: A Hunter’s Call for Unleaded Ammo

Lead Hazards at Indoor Firing Ranges

Lead Hazards from Casting and Reloading


Lead in Soil

Spatial Variation of Soil Lead in an Urban Community Garden: Implications for Risk-Based Sampling

Simple soil remediation can save children from lead toxicity

EPA Seeks to Test More Atlanta Properties for Lead


Lead in Water

Bioremoval of lead from water using Lemna minor

Lead in Drinking Water

Songbirds exposed to lead-contaminated water show telltale signs about human impacts


Removing lead through Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) programs

How a state certification program could keep our kids safe from lead

What it takes to comply with RRP rules


Latest Association Between Lead and Health

Recommendations for Medical Management of Adult Lead Exposure 

Lead exposure and its association with cardiovascular disease and diabetic kidney disease in middle-aged and elderly diabetic patients

Developing a Health Impact Model for Adult Lead Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality

Lead Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease - A Systematic Review

Lead Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease among Young and Middle-Aged Adults

Association Between Blood Lead Level and Uncontrolled Hypertension in the US Population 

Lead poisoning; a neglected potential diagnosis in abdominal pain

Lead exposure & Oral Health

Early life exposure to lead (Pb) and changes in DNA methylation: relevance to Alzheimer’s disease

Impact of chronic lead exposure on liver and kidney function and haematologic parameters



Association of lead-exposure risk and family income with childhood brain outcomes

Lead in Stained Glass

Societal Benefits of Reducing Lead

Valuing the Benefits of Reducing Childhood Lead Exposure - Human Capital, Parental Preferences, or Both?

Childhood Lead Exposure - American Academy of Pediatrics

Lead exposure and academic achievement: evidence from childhood lead poisoning prevention efforts

An Algorithm Is Helping a Community Detect Lead Pipes

Further Focus on Lead-Based Paint: EPA Tightens Dust-Lead Clearance Levels for First Time in Almost 20 Years 

After alarming new report finds toxic metals in baby food, Congress calls for regulation